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Best Sellers

HARIBO mascotAccording to reliable sources we have interviewed at German duty free shops, Chinese travelers leave Germany "with a carton of Marlboro and a shopping bag full of HARIBO." We will leave the cigarette business to others. Of course we don't have to tell you that HARIBO is Germany's most famous sweet. But we will make sure that you won't have to fly all the way to Germany, just to fill your HARIBO cravings.

Sussland is importing an ever growing range of always fresh HARIBO straight from Germany. Original German HARIBO, not the stuff made in other countries. Whether you are Chinese and have discovered delicious HARIBO on a recent trip to Europe, whether you are a foreigner in China, attacked by sudden HARIBO cravings, Sussland is here for you. Read more. Or buy here.

They are here! Airborne Bears!


HARIBO banner

A new HARIBO shipment has just arrived from Germany. Factory fresh by air! We've been overwhelmed by demand and called in for air support. They are here! More HARIBO is on the way by the container load. Look at our growing HARIBO program.


HARIBO History


HARIBO banner

HARIBO stands for "Hans Riegel Bonn." With a sack of sugar, a marble slab, a stool, a copper kettle and a roller, Hans Riegel started HARIBO in 1920. Two years later, the "Goldbear" was created. Goldbears are little colorful bears made from winegum. The bears turned into a worldwide success and to this day are HARIBO's best selling product. After the war, the business expanded, and in 1950, already 1000 workers manufactured Goldbears and an ever increasing line of products. Today, HARIBO is one of the best known and most loved brands in the confectionary field. Today, HARIBO products are made at eighteen locations all over Europe. Listening to customer demand, Sussland only imports Original HARIBO made in Germany.   Read more



HARIBO Goldbären Goldbears

A HARIBO Classic since 1922: Goldbaeren

HARIBO Goldbears ("Goldbaeren" in German) are delicious, chewy, not too soft, not too hard. Goldbears are made from all-natural fruit extracts  (black currant, lemon, orange, kiwi, apple) no artificial dyes or flavors.

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HARIBO Happy Cola

German Classic meets American Classic: Happy Cola. A happy marriage between two iconic brands: HARIBO meets Coca Cola. And Happy Cola is born. HARIBO Happy-Cola gummis look like tiny Coca Cola bottles, they burst with a real cola flavor - without the caffeine!

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Special Creations

HARIBO Baerenschule Bear School

Can Gummibears be educational? Yes, they can.
With HARIBO Baerenschule (Bear School) Gummibears, shaped like the ABC and numbers. Learn reading, writing, arithmetic while you munch tasty gummis! Some say, the letters and numbers actually increase your spelling abilities - but it's probably a myth, made up as an excuse to munch on those delicious things.

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HARIBO Golbaeren Goldbears Minis


Minis in a Maxi-Tub: The ideal present, give-away, snack, good night wish for a friend: HARIBO Minis. XX bear per pack, 100 pack per plastic tub. Unopened, these mini packs keep their freshness.

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