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Real HARIBO. Fresh HARIBO. Yummy HARIBO. Original HARIBO. Imported fresh from Germany for you

Why Sussland?

Sussland was created to make your life a little sweeter. It's the land where everybody lives the sweet life.


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7-11F Sun Crest Garden, 25 Chaoyang, Beijing 100025 China

Tel:  (10) 85893419
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Who and where is Sussland!


Best Sellers

HARIBO Colorado mix

We are Chinese and Germans. We travel back and forth to Germany on a regular basis. Whenever we came back, we had bags full of HARIBO with us. The eyes of our friend lit up when they saw the fresh HARIBO they had missed for so long. Soon, we were inundated with requests to bring more HARIBO with us on our travels. Soon, this became quite costly, we ended paying more for extra luggage than for the HARIBO.

Someone said: "You should always make a business out of what you like the most."

And so we did. Sussland was born. The land of our sweet dreams.

We will work hard to expand Sussland. We will import more and more HARIBO flavors, the orders have already been placed. Did you know that there are about 90 different HARIBO products? We want you to have access to all of them - well, at least to most of them.

Sussland is in Beijing, China's capital. We want to make Beijing also the capital of Sussland! The Chinese contingent of Sussland has lived in Beijing for all their lives. The German contingent came here years ago, loved it, and stayed.

Sussland welcomes everybody with open arms: We serve individual customers, retail customers, and wholesale customers.

Sussland Celebrities


Since 1922, HARIBO Goldbaeren (Goldbears) have made HARIBO famous throughout the world.


HARIBO Goldbaeren Goldbears

A HARIBO Classic since 1922: Goldbaeren

HARIBO Goldbears ("Goldbaeren" in German) are delicious, chewy, not too soft, not too hard. Goldbears are made from all-natural fruit extracts  (black currant, lemon, orange, kiwi, apple) no artificial dyes or flavors. Buy me.


HARIBO Happy Cola

German Classic meets American Classic: Happy Cola. A happy marriage between two iconic brands: HARIBO meets Coca Cola. And Happy Cola is born. HARIBO Happy-Cola gummis look like tiny Coca Cola bottles, they burst with a real cola flavor - without the caffeine! Buy me.






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